Physical @ Chop Suey, Seattle

Hope you didn't miss out on this amazing (or could also be referred to as hot mess, glitter train wreck, Alyssa Milano fueled) night! Dj's Colby B and Pony Boy warmed up the crowd with the best 80's workout video playing in the background before fabulous host Ben de La Creme came out to introduce the nights performances, beginning with a sultry number by Ade.
Next was a fashion show created by ART STAR Andrew Jay, which really was more of a booty clappin', rhinestone poppin' glitter volcano spectacular (which erupted into the crowd of course), but why would you have it any other way? P.S. If you see enough Art Star performances you can pin point the right time to run away before you are covered in glitter for the next five days (and your car, bed, clothes, shower etc). Art Star's impeccable dancing crew consisted of Stella Rose, Paul White, and Kindra Meyer.
Following was a flawless, animal-head-bearing performance by the Can Can Castaways, segueing into DJ Miss Guy getting everyone's extremely intoxicated booties shaking again.

Check out these photos and wallow in sadness if you weren't there, and don't forget to show all of the aforementioned folks love for making Seattle amazing.

Physical Photos