Special thanks to everyone who attended the first Nark show last night! It was a blast, and a bit of a Vodka whirlwind. So many great faces and outfits and music and dancing.

Thank David Richey, Jared Lovejoy, L.A. Kendall and everyone else involved in Hard Times for making it such a great and fun night that really improves Seattle's community vibes!

Also thanks to The Stranger's gem of all gems Kelly O for writing this wonderful post about Nark on the Line-Out blog!

And, the amazing rock n' roll photographer Keith Johnson came out to shoot the night (so I could relax a little!), look forward to seeing those! As well as a Hard Times review by James Whitely from Seattle Gay News.

If you missed last night, don't forget not only is Hard Times every Wednesday at the War Room, but also Nark photos will be up for a while!

Here's a snap from last night of the impeccable Art Star Andrew Jay, who will be having a completely epic fashion show next week at Sole Repair, it would be in your best interest to be there and witness it for yourself!