Nark and Captain Underpants (Team Dandy) are about to blow your pants off (well at least Captain's pants will come off) TOMORROW night at the Eagle with the opening night of Fringe!!

Fringe, -noun;
1. an outer edge; margin; periphery: on the fringe of the art world.
2. the edge of something, often used to indicate the borderlines of a certain concept: in politics, the fringe is usually the rare bunch of extremists, or in general the outcast members of a group that are considered less than peccable members.

Kicks off its first night with a Sailor themed, rhinestone studded party!

Hard Times went out with one crazy bang, but all your alter-egos are not homeless yet! The newest, most ridiculous anything-goes night, brought to you by Team Dandy, starts next Friday at The EAGLE. Better start sewing them sequins now!

if you're a hipster, get ultra-hip
if you're a leather daddy, wear your BEST leather
if you're a glitter kid, DOUSE yourself in sparkles
if you're a bear, grow MORE hair
fashion designers and artists get cracking on some new threads
or if you just hate wearing clothes, come in your underwear!

JT'O (

Your hott sailor Go-Go boys and girls
Peter Farrar
Stella Rose

Glamour shots of all your best looks by Nark Magazine

Doors at 9pm
21+ Must have valid ID

$5 After 11pm

Do not miss out! Red carpet entry, projections, crazy dance floor, and magical debauchery!