Loose Lips Sink Spaceships

Maybe you've been wondering lately why you keep thinking about your Louis Vuitton or your Prada, or considering growing a pink mustache and working out in the same gym as Carmen Electra?
Maybe it's because I've been playing tracks from my favorite little secret Tyskerhar. Ms. Mao Dou Mao from Beijing and Seek Zag Lazer from Germany unite to send their synthy punches out of Berlin, that's kind of like electrohouse coming out of a Mortal Kombat arcade machine placed in the middle of Neiman Marcus, while a gutter-punk hipster mugs you for your boots.
get it?

Check out their new video and show some love at their Space of My.

It's so epic it can't even fit into the constraints of my poorly coded blog!
Go to the real link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0qfcCumZ5M to see it in full widescreen glory.

Download a remix of Vow HERE