This Week!

Is a boozy doozy, and I mean it, you haven't seen this much party in your cup since 2009 keeled over dead last month (and a few of us with it).

Well, buck up, because it's here whether you like it or not!

First Off:

Welfare Wedne$days

This week kicks off the new wallet-approved hump day spectacular at The Eagle.
Spun by Nark and KC, more fun than a food bank, and the beer isn’t stale. Hump day isn’t just for humping anymore (but with these drink specials, it’s likely to be part of the mix)

Section 8 drink specials all night. Government subsidized music. Work it out.



I actually never really came across this night until now, which is unfortunate because it is the last one for a while. I don't know much about Penetration (cymbal crash), but one look at all the pretty lights, projections, artwork and drunk goggles sold me. Click the link to find out for yourself! At The Bus Stop.


Dance Queers! Dance!

DJ Amatuer Youth serves up the fancy footwork at The Wildrose this Friday, only $3 if you get there early!

Fringe Presents: Anything Goes!

The walls of The Eagle have been slowly coated in permanent coat of glitter, and this Friday will only continue, as patrons sweat it out at Fringe. You know Hard Times is the next day, but your liver will thank you for the tolerance boost, and you can start working out those moves.
DJ Nark and Guest Officer O' bang it out, with dinosaur go-go's precariously rocking the cage all night, don't miss out!
Check out photos from last weeks glittery debauchery Here!
$3 before Midnight!

P.S. This night at The Eagle will be fronted early by a Leather/Fetish social, so if that's your thing check it out Here!



Oh my god, it's here, breath deeply... keep it together.. The end all be all of parties, HARD TIMES has RETURNED! The return of the legend, fronted by royalty themselves, D$ and L.A. Kendall; Harder Times, Harder Boys, Harder Drinks. Nothing short of broken limbs, sudden blindness or colitis should keep you from being here, because if you aren't here, you aren't anywhere.

Starring DJ L.A. Kendall, Queen Lucky and Gameboy, with live vogue dance performance by The House of Charlatan, and performances by Eva Androgyny and Honeysuckle Hype! With live visuals by Officer O', and all your glamour captured by Nark Magazine!

Experience revolution now, located at the glorious ReBar, starting at 10pm, and ending in a dumpster full of trannies.


It's okay. Take your time. Drink WATER. Did you forget to wash your makeup off? It's okay. Do your laundry. Have some more water. Advil. . . disconap. . okay ready? Now get BLOODY romantic.


"For this was on Seynt Valentynes' day when every foul cometh ther to choose his mate"

What better way to celebrate this romantic holiday but with cheap booze, kanoodling in Gods bar covered in glitter and blood?
Help us lick the sugar-coating off this holiday! The night will be hallmark, but in a way you've never seen. DJs Skiddle (c89.5's "Drive@5", Hard Times, Fringe, Sunday Skool) and Nark (Pony, Fringe, Snackhole) keep you bouncing and our "Fallen Cupid" go-go dancers make for a lovely view. Extra sweet drink specials ALL night. Check your pity at the door, we're in this to have fun!

$5 Martinis / $4 Well Drinks / $2 Bud Light Bottles
$2 House Shots / $5 Wired Bombers / $5 Food

5pm - 2am at Chapel, Free!

Did you make it through? Good take this party trophy and get some sleep.