This Week!

First off, did you go to Hard Times? Did you see all those crazy looks in one room? The party so big even Wonder Woman couldn't miss it!

How about that drag queen in the body bag? That rack on her was frightening! Or the just married lesbian strippers?

Keep an eye out for more photos coming soon on the Nark Blog!

So it's Tuesday again, that means it's time to go on a Pony ride! This Tuesday at Pony will be BLOODY, bloody blood blood bloody. Your make-outs tasting of zesty mint stage blood, come out to Pony for the best jams, fog, lazers and bloody gays all night, it's FREE and don't wear anything you would hate to see get messy!


Every Wednesday at The Eagle is Welfare Wednesday, a night of cheap drinks and cheap- uh, I mean classy, men for the mingling! And hey, free pool too! (Yes, the pool table is back, and don't worry it folds up in case the floor needs a good dance off). This week will be a little different since it IS St Patrick's Day. $3 Wells and some Irish drink specials as well, with a fantastic night of punk, retro, bubblegum, French pop, obscuria and garage music you will NOT hear ANYWHERE else, brought to you by the ultra-lovely DJ Trio, Stella Rose, Edward Jazzhands and Lil'Wolfie. Don't miss out, it's free!

(WARNING: Wearing green may not save you from the butt pinching tonight)


SNACKHOLE is back for round two! What you didn't go the first time? So you missed that grunting lap dance Jackie Hell gave? Or the cooking show, those nasty queens with beards, the rock n roll dance party? Well don't make that same mistake twice.
Make a snackrifice and get over to the Wild Rose this Thursday! $5 cover get's you in the door, and also gets you live music by Telepathic Liberation Army, as well as a slew of performances by Jackie Hell, Phoebe Fondue, Anita Snak, Caressa Dick, Ronald McFondle, Moondancer and Bella Miss'Behavin, as well as the following queasy rock sop dance party by Jodi Bon Jodi, Nark and Amateur Tooth!

OH WAIT, did I mention? Once you are past that door, the well drinks are only $2 all night, and there will be $2 Corndogs and Tater-tots! So bring a date, you cheapo, and fill your Snackhole with a bunch of nasty carnival drag queen fun, starting at 9pm!

(don't be fashionably late, or you might miss the show!)

Check out photos from Seattle's rockstar photographer Keith Johnson over at his Flickr.


I KNOW what you're thinking, it's been two whole weeks since the last Fringe, the withdrawals, the suffering, I can't take it anymore either! we all need our dose of sweaty body glitter grinding, go-go boy queer nasty costume laden fun, and this week will be no different. This Friday at Fringe (At The Eagle) is CIRCUS THEMED. Yes that's right, you heard me. So get those whips out, and top hots, face paints and tiger costumes, stripes and hoops and balloons and anything else you can think of and get down to The Eagle.

There will be a special performance by Seattle's Buttry diva, Adé, boys in booty-shorts shooting syringes of Jello shots right into your mouth (for $2 of course, but these shots are strong! don't forget to tip your server, right into his underwear of course), Go-Go dancers Pepé Quick and Karamazov working it in the cage to the tunes brought to you by Dj Nark, Skiddle and special disco-dj guest DJ Teabag!.

Starting by 10pm, always $3 before 11, at The Eagle (314 E. Pike).