Seattle's craftiest, queeriest, buttery popcorn coverediest minds have come together to bring you a weekend full of art, film, and community boosting sweaty romantic fun like no other (March 5 & 6, 2010). Starting with the event 'Open Wide', a queer film premiere night featuring Seattle's local directors, artists, creators of all kinds, and some foreign films too (from California, I hear everyone's tan there).

Open Wide

Featuring films from local Seattle-ites, as well as San Fran and L.A., this is a special evening at The Hole. Also on display (and resting spots for your booty) are handmade bleachers constructed by local crafty types featuring painted murals, as well as the premiere of brand new photography on the walls by miss Kelly O. Special guest Juanita More shows her star-speckled talent on film, and dj's the disco tunes while you get nice and tipsy before the movies begin! (Friday night, Saturday night will be dj'd by Tony Burns).

Check out the invite for more info, and the link to buy tickets. Yes, you must buy a ticket! But it's only $10, cheaper than a regular movie, but you get so much more! Bring a date, but get it now because tickets/seating are LIMITED!

Open Wide starts at 6pm, Friday March 5th and again Saturday March 6th, with an according after-party each night.

Where is the after party you ask? Well I'll tell you!

Friday Night, Open Wide Afterparty:

Fringe Presents: Juanita More!

Alright, you've done your community and art supporting deeds, now it's time to get down! Special guest Juanita More carts her vintage 70's silver make-up case of jams over to The Eagle for the return of Fringe, now on its 1st and 3rd Fridays run!

Featuring such funpossible happenings as an artStar look-a-like contest, $1 Jello shots (served right in your mouth by boys in booty shorts of course), Go Go dancers and your DJ's Skiddle, Nark and Juanita!

Doors at 10pm, get there before 11pm and pay only 3 bones!
at The Eagle, 314 E. Pike

Saturday Night, Open Wide Afterparty:


Pony's first Saturdays, MEAT, fooling vegetarians with their mashed potato frosted meatloaf cake, is the haps! Dee Jay Jack and Amateur Youth spin it out and take fun in whipping you in the face with the fog 'cannon' (it's really fun to do, promise) with a special appearance set by magical queen Juanita More before she takes her statuesque hairdo back to San Francisco!

And... it's FREE! But you may be paying for it the next morning..

- Nark