New Snap and Nark Exhibition

Here's the shot from my most recent shoot, with Miss Lisa Dank. Run on over to her myspace and give her a listen, I got to go through her brand new release CD and love it! She will also be performing at Fringe, May 21st, don't miss it !

This photo and many other candy coated goodies will be a part of my first big solo exhibition this Saturday at Vain!


Featuring such personas as Lady Rizo, Stella Rose, Richard Kennedy, Golden Boi, Cybersutra, Lisa Dank, Heidi Von Haught, artStar, Cherdonna and Lou, Anita Snak, Amoania, Honeysuckle Hype, Jackie Hell and more. And such messes as candy, marshmallows, cheetos, bananas, beer, doritos, cupcakes, cookies, drool, honey, chocolate sauce etc =)

SATURDAY May 1st @ gallery attached to Vain Salon ( 2018 1st Avenue )
DJ Teabag at the cd's

Come out! Mingle mingle drinky drinky, maybe go home with a special print! =)

Special thanks to Vain and curator/sponsor Michael Lane