Seattle Gay News Reviews Snackhole!

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Depraved Snackhole a magical train wreck
by James Whitely - SGN Staff Writer

March 18

"What in Gay hell did I just witness?" You'll find yourself asking this question a plethora of times during Snackhole, the new monthly at the Wildrose put together by Jackie Hell, Jodi Bon Jodi, Stella Rose and NARK. Snackhole is phallus-filled, sick and twisted, and will leave you literally stuck to the floor with junk food and various other sticky substances.

"Snackhole is a greasy carnival, only the carnies are drag queens, and the prizes aren't goldfish, they're lap dances," said NARK, a promoter and DJ for Snackhole. "A Queer-fest, drag show, live music rock 'n' roll dance party that ventures as far away from Gagas and Beyoncés as possible."

"It's like that lickable wallpaper from Willy Wonka, but instead of a wall it's Jackie Hell and it tastes like pork rinds," said Stella Rose.

This month's Snackhole featured a live show by local punk band Telepathic Liberation Army and performances by Anita $nak, Caressa Dick, Ronald McFondle, Michelle Francis, Moon Dancer and Bella Misbehaven.

Snackhole features depraved carnival-themed contests and prizes, like sausage eating contests, corndog and banana deep-throating, hot sauce chugging drag queens, and the antics of Seattle's own lovely "queen of trash," Jackie Hell.

"It's a bit of a variety show," Jackie Hell told SGN. "Snackhole is a bad soap opera starring Jackie Hell, Phoebe Fondue and Ronald McFondle, that revolves around junk food."

"I think Seattle needs more carnivals, more drag, and more filth. Hell, I need more of this every day," Stella Rose told SGN.

This new monthly is a unique "don't miss" to be sure. So come one, come all, and witness the magic train wreck that is Snackhole, as Jackie Hell shoves food down your face. The front row will get wet, fucked, or both.

"[Snackhole is] trashy, loose, cheap, and fun - just like we all secretly are," NARK told SGN.

Snackhole takes place every third Thursday at Wildrose (1021 E. Pike St.). DJs start spinning at 9 p.m. For more information, search "Snackhole" on Facebook. Don't miss it.