May(hem) Week!

Give this town half a reason and a single ray of sunlight and it goes wild, here's your guide to kick off May and onset of summer season right!


A special night of C U Next Tuesday at Pony, whilst Dee Jay Jack is off on a saintly pilgrimage to third world countries, or possibly just at home watching soap operas (it's a close call), DJ Skiddle stands in for him tonight! Boys boys boys, no laws no rules, hell.. no pants too! 9pm and FREE (even the fog, and the corrective lazer-eye surgery, whether you want it or not).

Pony, 9pm, FREE


Oh look, more free things! Welfare Wednesday's special Cinco de Mayo night at The Eagle. As always, $3 wells all night help you forget your job and boyfriend, life, etc etc, oh and $3 Coronas and $6 Hornitos shots too! The best part about Wednesdays.. oh wait it's cheap and free, sorry the second best part is a nice low key mixer with some wholesome ( comment) dudes, that of course can at any point turn into a dance party thanks to DJ's Edward Jazzhands, Sage Thrasher and Soccer Mom (who...? I dunno go find out!)

The Eagle, 9pm and on, FREE, 314 E. Pike

If that's not your thing and you're just dying to not be a big cheap-wad, or maybe you're ready to dust off that old pantsuit, well then off to Anutter Butterball you go!

'Well honkies, and jive turkeys it's finally here! Please join Ade, Scott Shoemaker and Brian Barnett on Cinco De Mayo for the world premier of BUTTRY BROWN THE CASE OF THE MISSING PANTSUIT. It's the first full episode of the BB and it's hilarious. There will Be performances by Ade, Jackie Hell and many more. As well as other hilarious videos provided by Mr. JT O'Neill. Wear your favorite pantsuit and come on down for some cocktails, Mexican snacks and lots of laughs.$5 or $3 dollars with your best pantsuit.'

Nuff said?
Re-bar, 8pm, $5 (or $3 with a pantsuit)


An art-punk-rock dance party led by Telepathic Liberation Army, Ononos and Glitterbang, followed by a continued dance party at the hands of Mathematix and Dewey Decimal?? YES PLEASE. This is an all-star line up people, if you care even in the slightest about Seattle's leading creators, especially in the grunge-queer world, you won't miss this. The black plague couldn't keep me from an Ononos show, but with TLA too? and I haven't seen Glitterbang yet as they are fresh off the grill, but have heard great things. I'm not even going to say anymore just DO IT. (Oh yeah and it's TLA's record release party!)

Chop Suey, 8pm, Tickets are $6 advance ( / $8 DOS

If you're already flat broke and need to hear the best in 80's tunes, then head down to Re-bar for RAD!

'RAD is an 80s dance party for your new wave and 80s pop needs! RAD will rad you up and tubular you down! With FREDDY KING OF PANTS, QUEEN LUCKY, & guest DJ....TONY BURNS!

Get the bandanas out, tie em around your thigh, get the Aqua Net out, spray your hair to the moon, get the Molly Ringwald dance moves practiced, and like, we'll see you here after the mall!'

Re-bar, 9pm, FREE


If you made it to all aforementioned events, then you are probably all bruised and cut up, possibly ridden with multiple STD's... PERFECT! You're ready for LOT LIZARDS at The Eagle!

Lot wha? You know, those skeezy hookers that hang around truck stops, always knockin' on your window lookin for a dime... oh you don't hang out at truck stops often? uhh.. well yeah. me either.. anyways! Come down to the Eagle to find out how those crazy queers take it down into the dirt, beat trannys and hypersexual truckers come together to dance it out. Featuring a very special performance by Queerbait!

'Queerbait! is a queer feminist multimedia performance project. Queerbait! is Meredith Meiko, Tova Eisner, Johanna Breiding and Gina Young (Team Gina)'

An amazing MC, dance, crafty cover song live art performance act that will surely dazzle your senses and titillate your open wounds. Surrounded of course by a non stop foggy dance party brought to you by dj's Nark and Skiddle, guided by gogos Lesbian Trucker Stevie and Tranny Mess Caressa Dick, let loose and get ridiculous!

The Eagle, 9pm, Only $3 Before 11pm
$2 Jello shots


Oh it's time again, HARD Times in fact.

'HARD TIMES—the club party that blew the bed sheets off of Capitol Hill’s deeply snoozing queer night scene! Adrian Ryan, The Stranger

Every 2nd Saturday @ Re-bar

May 8th, 2010 Lineup:
-Julie Herrera (YEP! THAT JULIE HERRERA! – of Hot Mess, KMA,
HitGirl! Fame)
-Riff-Raff (BIRTHDAY Guuuuurl!)
-LA Kendall (Hard Times, Hot Mess, HitGirl!)

-Maxine De La Cunt featuring House Of Charlatan
-Iva Handful
Secret Shoppers

Qulture Qreative

Kevin Kauer (Nark)

Who needs one kind of music, when you can make love to all of it?!
Electro, House, Glam Rock, Hip Hop, Mash Ups, Indie Rock, 80’s Jamz, All
of it! Still brought to you by the same family of artists
and producers that brought you Tasty Shows, Hot Mess, Lemon Twist, Kiss My Ass, Spice, ARO.Space, Caliente and all kinds of messed up shit! Plus,
new contributors, helping to curate a truly diverse night of
entertainment (The 4 Horsemen, Fringe Presents, DJ Skiddle C89.5)!'

Getting a little messier, a little crazier, a little sparkly each time, I can hardly wait to see what kind of trouble will be had this month!

Re-bar, 9pm Sharp (no more late starts)