RAD Tonight!


Wait.. what is RAD? Why should I care? .... and who the hell is that disembodied pizza-toting tranny giving me the 'shooters'?

Well my dear, Rad is a once month 80's-riffic dance party at Rebar, and it's happening....tonight!. Yes that's right, even you could transform and teleport back in time, back into that powersuit that started your career, into those leg warmers that did... well absolutely nothing.. yes, you!

Why should you care?... Why should you care!? Because the 80s will NEVER DIE (believe me, no matter how hard you try... you realize how much Aquanet they used? those bangs are bulletproof!) But they never should die, instead continue on in all their full glory....once a month.

Disembodied tranny? who where? Put the Quaaludes down.... walk away from the hair crimper.. OH that disembodied pizza eating tranny! That will be your very special host tonight, miss Anita $nak..

She's got a bag full of scrunchies, a body spasming with giggles and "sweeties!", a free-flowing rap and a whiskey-fueled sass that might just get her thrown out the window.. now how can you miss out on that?

At the DJ booth, Queen Lucky spins out the classics, Freddy King of Pants mashes em all together, and guest Nark digs out the obscure disco-tronic robotic beats.

Tonight! Wednesday June 2nd
Rebar 1114 Howell St.
9pm-2am FREE