Rumpshaker! This Thursday!


Chop Suey, Qulture Qreative, Fringe Presents & Angry Boy Productions present....

RUMPSHAKER!!! A night featuring some of THE BEST music and entertainment Seattle's Queer scene has to offer!
If you haven't had a chance to see these AMAZING performers around town, now's you're only chance to see them ALL in one room, in one night, makin' it rain and workin' it out!

Featuring live performances by:


Luxury A.K.

Sh*t Damn Hella w/ Huggy B

Amoania & The Shitbags

Aural pleasure between sets provided by


Booty clappin' contest with tasty ass-slappin prizes!

Chop Suey, Thursday July 8th
$8 Advance / $10 D.O.S.
Puchase tickets in advance HERE

21+ w/ ID