Special Fringe, This Friday


This Friday, Fringe welcomes back it's special Parisian-import, Montreal based DJ La Fraicheur..

''Electro Synthetic Acid Psyche Rock Neon Plaid Latin Booty Soul Hip Pop Straw Hat Beats, it don't mean a thing yet she got that swing! Marathon Jukebox Girl, she's like a shaker that smooth it all down for your ass to dance to and your heart to melt on.
Basically, she's your new favorite fro'yo'
Deal with it.'

Having played with such acts as Justice, Crookers, Lady Sovereign, and many many more' you can be sure that this girl knows how to make you sweat.

Some might remember La Fraicheur's killer set at Fringe's Disco Bloodbath earlier this year, and the great time jams her and Nark brought out at Pony, waves of gay men regretting their orientation in La Fraicheur's presence... Seattle is more than ready to embrace the return!

You may notice this Fringe is not themed? Well that's not true, the theme of good times, great music, pretty faces and sexual healing are all still fully in place for your pleasure, worry not.

Along with La Fraicheur, is a Seattle favorite, DJ Riff-Raff, and Fringe resident, Nark. With go-go boys and girls dancing all around you, and $2 Jello shots being shot straight down your pipes, Alisha Mahone of Don't be Jealous make-up painting up those mugs, special glamour-portraits by Nark Photo and NON-STOP jams all night, Fringe guarantees you the happy ending, with no additional cost.

Friday, August 6th
At The Eagle, 314 E. Pike St
9pm-2am, only $3 before 11