Juanita More AND Victor Rodriguez hit Seattle!

Nark Magazine, The Social and Fringe present-

Beep Beep!

Featuring two west coast legends:


"San Francisco drag legend Juanita MORE! packs a vintage 70's silver-makeup case full of enough house, techno and disco music to make anyone shake their groove thing on the dance floor. But, don't close your eyes or you just might miss her lip-synching an old-school drag classic from the booth. Famous for her shockingly stylish fashion assaults and her signature French scent of tuberoses and musk - this jewelry laden lady will keep you moving your ass all night long."


"An Influential promoter since before he was legally allowed to enter clubs. Victor Rodriguez was influential in building the LA club scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s through his association with such legendary clubs as White Chocolate, Plastic Passion, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. His bringing Beige to LA with Billy Erb only further solidified his standings as a pioneer and innovator in LA. His private clients have taken him all over the globe, jet setting parties, movie premieres, and private cocktail functions. Showing his versatility and ability to set mood with his collection has proved his ability to remain relevant in our ever-changing climate."

Photography by Kevin Kauer of Nark Magazine.
$2 Jello shots by vodka and horse hoofs.
Go-Go dancers brought to you by mothers everywhere.

All of this world class west coast talent brought straight to you for a measly five bones. You're welcome.

10/01/11, 10pm
at The Eagle (314 E. Pike Street)


The Social Seattle