Ass Ass Everywhere Tonight!

Let me start with a quick visual summary of what tonight will be like-

Just multiply the amount of ass by a few hundred.

Check Yo' Pony Tail is a party I've wanted to be at since it started up on Myspace eons ago (I use the word eon because I used the word Myspace). It happens in L.A. which is basically what made it difficult to attend, but thank the booty gods they took it on tour, but not just any simple tour, a ridiculous rump shaking electroclash drunk jump up and down fest, cram-packed with amazing acts, all in one night, like Big Freedia as seen above, alongside..

Spank Rock


The Death Set

and party proprietor, DJ and remixer-
Franki Chan

Brought to you by Scion, hosted by Trashed, I honestly don't know what else I can tell ya- you know those nights that brings everyone on the hill out and under one roof? Tonight's one of those nights.