Shooting on Boylston and E. Olive Way.

Photo: Endresen Evans

Around midnight tonight a man was approached in the Diamond parking lot adjacent to the Rialto Court apartments on Boylston Street (between Howell and Olive Way) in Capitol Hill. In this attempted robbery the reported 'skinny white male' asked the other man for his wallet, when he said no the robber shot him twice in the stomach. The victim dragged himself onto the front steps of the Rialto Court apartment complex where he held hands with the Rialto apartment manager, Nave, until police arrived.

The Rialto became the crime scene as a revolver slug was retrieved by SPD, the shooter was said to have run off south bound wearing a Seahawks jersey and stepped into a silver Jaguar. The victim was hospitalized and his current status is unknown.

If you have any info please contact the Seattle Police Department and we will update as more info comes.

Update: Official Police Report Here