Gypsy Opening Night!


The Eagle is an ever-changing club, keeping the fun fresh and new always. This Friday is opening night of a new once a month bash (every last Friday), Gypsy.

And by whole new, I mean entirely different. A night filled of rare hip hop, funk, bass, lo-fi and booty bumps, spun out by DJ Dapper Dandy and DJ Klik. Big beats, just mellow enough to lounge, just bumpin' enough to dance, and just off the charts enough to keep you into it, this won't be a top 40 hip hop night.

And all of this is happening, yes that's right, in a gay bar, The Eagle, now that's something you can't get anywhere else. Of course, by no means, is Gypsy restricted, it's open to all, straight gay man woman tranimal what have you, but in a much more comfortable setting. Oh, and because it's a special opening night, it is also FREE.

Keep up with the times!

The Eagle
Friday, May 28th, 9pm