Wanted: Deadly Space Trannies!

Fringe Presents: Tranny Get Your Raygun!

A night of space cosmo future, lazers, metal jock and bra, robots, distressed trannies on Mars, anything goes!

Special Guest, Space Cosmo DJ Barbarella! (The Protocol, Dance FC)

Skiddle (C89.5 Drive@5, Hard Times, Sunday Skool)
Wizard of Ass (C.U.N.T, Snackhole)



'the closest thing to a legitimate pop star from the Northwest, but still maintains something of a DIY aesthetic. That she is able to combine the two seemingly mutually exclusive ideas and has a knack for putting together catchy pop songs is part of what makes her so interesting and exciting to me.”
-Three Imaginary Girls

“When Seattle’s own gossip-mag styled pop star...sings...it melts my Obama voting heart. She’ll play act the dominating diva when she needs to make a point about gender politics...but she can flip on a dime, cooing crudely about the mutual understanding of vulnerability that underscores a functional relationship”
"Two thumbs up"

“...Grinding out some sexed-up, sweated-through dance-floor tracks, coolly cooing...Her brand of Buenos-Aires-by-way-of-the-Bay wig-out”
-The Stranger

“LisaDank's show is very impressive. Sexy good time.”
"And moments of true pop musicianship do shine through...Lisa Dank could transform herself into a female answer to Kid Cudi
-Seattle Weekly

“Glam-conscious 21st Century product...with some saucy beats and sexed-up electro flava. The costumes are plenty and the pop is blatant”
-Seattle Subsonic

"A nuclear explosion of positivity, creativity, and energy...a pop singer in her solo act, she pulls incredulous shapes, dancing madly”
“An incredibly clever song writer and performer who constantly leaves me gaping"
-Seattle Peach


Seattle's new it-girl will bring a jaw-dropping booty-shaking act you don't want to miss!

Featuring Go-Go's

$2 Jello shots delivered right into your mouth

Only $3 before 11pm,
Don't miss out!

Take a listen to Lisa Dank's sugar coated hit Cookies Here!