BlackOUT with Sugar Water Purple Tonight...

BlackOUT at the Faire Gallery Cafe

Tonight is BlackOUT, 'an event that attempts to address homophobia in the African American community head on, we are throwing this party and bringing the conversation to the dance floor,' with no less than the quick-lipped, say it like it is lyricist Adra Boo, fronting and channeling the soul of the 'neo-eclectic-hip hop-soul band', Sugar Water Purple.

'Sugar Water Purple is made up of two multitalented individuals:

Action Jackson, DJ/Producer/Emcee out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. As one half of the hip hop duo, Sex Panther, he brings a definite feel of that old skool style... smooth melodies over dope beats. Still fresh on the Seattle radar, Action Jackson is one not to miss both as a performer and as a DJ;

And Miss Adraboo, the vocalist and fast-talker of the team, is born and raised in Seattle, a member of the new electro girl group Luxury A.K., and brings her all to the table. Not one for any traditional formats, she's eclectic and open, and as a writer, she speaks "like I talk", creating a place for you to fall into and get caught up.

The two produce a sound that can be described as eclectic hip hop soul... 2 parts Erykah Badu, 1 part Janelle Monae and classic Mary J Blige with a bit of Common Sense and Andre Benjamin, and a splash of Gnarls Barkley.

Whatever DJ/Producer Action Jackson does in the studio to produce SWP's tracks, it should be bottled and sold to those less fortunate. The tracks have a great old school vibe, sure, but certainly not stuck in the past, the beats and hooks are catchy as hell, pop-full and progressive but it's the dynamic meeting with Adra Boo's voice and lyrics that make everything about SWP. You can dance your ass off to SWP but when you listen to a track like Lemonade it's more than your feet being moved.

Lemonade - Sugar Water Purple by ActionJ
(Currently free to download)

While SWP is fairly new, why they aren't already playing big shows I don't understand, but will fully enjoy (and suggest you do the same) that I still get to see them in an intimate atmosphere and dance with Adra mid-set, but that won't last for long so I suggest taking every chance you get to see Sugar Water Purple, i.e., TONIGHT.

My favorite track I simply can't get enough of..
Roxy - Sugar Water Purple by ActionJ

The Faire Gallery Cafe is located at 1351 E. Olive Way, on the corner of Melrose, doors at 8pm, free!