The most outrageous party of the holiday, presented to you by Nark.

Night Riot is an all night rager, and the official after-party of the hip-hop / fuck rock show Champagne Champagne ( and The Coathangers ( the Comet. Look ridiculous, tap the floor, mingle with your favorite bands.

'Electronic synth-dance duo Vintage Youth is the newest project by Giulio Pellegrini and David Caldwell.

Giulio comes straight out of 80s UK Hi-NRG dance while David is classically trained and grew up singing with the likes of John Legend and Kimberley Locke. They bonded over a mutual love of classic house, Scandinavian pop, and cold electronic beats.

With Vintage Youth they re-interpet some of their favorite dance tracks, bringing them stomping into the future.'

Check out Vintage Youth live at the Fringe Finale, the mirrored outfits are to distract you from how pretty they are, don't you think?

'ChiChi Pussyculo and Chonga Bonga are two best friends from East Los Angeles, California. The pair have been arrested more than 60 times combined and have no remorse for their actions. Because of their repeated offenses and lack of remorse, the state of California "deported" ChiChi and Chonga to Portland, Oregon. Instead of imprisoning them, the courts decided to assign the pair to 100,000 hours of community service. This is served out by teaching classes that discourage the students from making the same mistakes and from following the same path. The classes aren't you're typical "scared straight" variety but also incorporate LIVE RAPPING covers, ORIGINAL SONGS and STAND-UP COMEDY.'

More from the Pussyculo Bonga gang;

Seattle's favorite electro/hip-hop jam dropper;

The boy-dream fuel to Seattle's biggest queer party, LICK;

and the premiere of..
'The more than just a pretty face and a new wig duo, consisting of the whiskey veteran Nark and the high-heeled Queen of the crop, Amoania, premiering live at Night Riot. The father/drag daughter duo slams your dancing shoes to the floor through a mix of disco, electro and bangers, but don't request any top 40 or you'll be surgically removing Amoania's press-ons from your retinas later.'

Hosted by the leggy songbird you'll want to bang;

Secret guests from hell, costumes outrageous, tricks and treats. Be there.

Space is limited and WILL sell out, guarantee your entry by purchasing a ticket now!

At Havana Social Club
1010 E. Pike Street
Halloween 10/31 8pm
$8 ADV/$10 DOS

Tickets Available at: